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Double A (maple guitar)

The especial thing about this guitar is that it’s 100% made of maple. The idea started to appeal to me more and more the longer I thought about it, the ideas emerged: a 20-inch fretboard radius with 24 stainless steel frets and 25,5-inch scale, two humbuckers but no tone circuit, physically small body so it wouldn’t weigh a ton, fixed bridge, locking tuners…

A design I picked was the N4, Nuno Bettencourts signature guitar, which I liked and my friend Doug Blair (W.A.S.P) happened to have one so I could study it up close. I thought of making the headstock even smaller, so naturally, a 2+4 (reverse) design fitted the bill.
The weight of the body would seriously have been a problem if left unsolved, so I went ahead and split the body in two, routed out some material and glued it back together.

The neck was done the same way, split in two, routing of the truss rod channel and glueing.

In fact, all the wood came from the same plank, so if it moves because of humidity I’m hoping it won’t warp too much.

My goal, with this particular guitar, was to make an extremely playable swiss army knife kind of an instrument but with minimal visual clutter. Set up wise I wanted to be able to keep a straight neck with low action to complement the 20-inch radius. One can always raise the action to suit your style, but keeping it very low without fret buzz can sometimes be tricky. Since we skipped the tone circuit altogether, I only had to deal with a switch and two volume pots. To make it as flexible as possible I chose a six position free-way switch which lets you choose all sorts of single coil and out of phase options on top of the ordinary ones.

The humbuckers I chose to wind myself since I had a pretty clear idea of what would sound good in this guitar. To make them super hot was out of the question, slightly more vintage spec suited the guitar better and didn’t make them muffled and compressed as humbuckers sometimes are.

There is always a risk when you want to make a guitar that is able to do everything and produce every sound you can imagine, there is a good chance it won’t really excel at anything, but by narrowing down your options to the essentials there is a good chance you even surprise yourself at how good it sounds.

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