Recently I finished a Precision bass for a client in the Basque country (Spain), Iñaki, who is a musician and a recording engineer at Sonora Studios.. It was a pleasant job from the beginning but it is even more special when you get to make the pickup as well (but I prefer to get more in to that and some custom pickup making in a later blog entry).


What I thought worth mentioning, with this bass, is that it has a one piece neck with a varnished fretboard. I prefer a double action truss rod, so the neck had to be routed from the back and inlaid with a walnut stripe.


I think we nailed it with the colours on this bass, an Olympic White for the body, a three layered black-white-black pick guard, black celluloid dots and chrome hardware. The result is ageless and versatile, and above all what the client wanted. Sometimes less is more, and when an instrument doesn’t need a lot of decorations everything else has to be spot on. Several coats of paint and varnish, with their curing times and a good spraying environment are crucial for a spotless finish.


iñakibass-4 iñakibass-5 iñakibass-6

Handmade Precision bass for Iñaki
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