My name is Mats and I was born in the early 1970’s in Helsinki, Finland.
Luthiery is something related with who I am, my connection with nature, materials, my passion for art, artisan work and my dedication to music.
To me it is not as important to create an instrument with a bizarre or very ornate design, as to find a compromise which satisfies functionality, durability and sound.
This works when the musician can feel their instrument, naturally, and I can be proud of my work.

Do I ask so much? No, I think that’s just the basics.

I guess my Finnish blood has influenced me when it comes to the love of wood, its design, functionality and above all, a desire to build something that lasts generations. As a musician I have lived in several countries, and I’ve been through good times and also “survival” situations, which has made me become aware of the true value of things, and I did not need many things, but those few had be of good quality.
I like to think about how these instruments I make, are going to become a part of the life of someone, maybe yours, they will be used on stages, rehearsals, recordings, at a friend’s house, your bedroom, will travel by subway, airplane, it might pass from your hands to another, they will be used to learn chords, and compositions for others, they will fall to the ground, and someday will be full of marks telling us hundreds of little stories.
It seems like a dream to me to be able to get that!
If you’re not in Finland and you are wondering how you will receive your guitar, the answer is … at home!
I have my workshop in Ikaalinen, a small town in Finland, from where I realize shipments with a trustworthy company which operates from door to door.
And how it is paid?
If you want a “made to measure” instrument , after your approval of the budget the payment is fractionated into two equal parts, after receiving the first part I will start working and when the instrument is finished you will have to pay the second part, and I’ll send it to you.
You do not like surprises?
Me neither, we will speak assiduously so you know at all times what it’s going on.
Payment method?
Transfer or Paypal.
What if something happens to my guitar / bass / etc?
I warrant my little ones, if I did something wrong I will solve with no cost to you, if it breaks due to misuse (no, do not use it to beat carpets during the spring clean) I also can repair it at an affordable rate.
Do you want an instrument specially made for you but you do not know how exactly?
Do not worry, one of the most exciting things of being luthier are the challenges, we will speak without hurrying until we know what you need.
You can write in Spanish, Finnish, Swedish or English, I’m probably at the workshop now but I will answer you as soon as I have read the message.